Welcome to bangkobangko.com, a photographic journey through the pioneering days of Indonesian boat surfing. I’d arrived in the mid seventies following my Dad who had arrived in the late sixties. After a few minor local boat trips to Java, Lembongan and Penida, I realized, hmmm, there must be a few good spots further out, especially to the East down the Lesser Sunda Island chain. By the early eighties I brought a crew from Northern California and we chartered one of the only real boats available at the time. Moana Manu was a ferrocement slug owned and operated by Paul Demming, aka Dem, a long-time resident of Bali and true maniac in his own right. It was on this trip that we scored epic G-land and then stumbled upon a totally vacant Desert Point, which we were calling Pandanus Trees at the time. Not bad for a first trip. By the end of that season Jon Mike bought us our first boat, Sri Wira Bakti, and hired Ketut Geram away from Dem to run it for us. That was truly a stroke of genius on JM’s part. The following decade saw us sail and surf the south coasts of Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Java, Roti and Raijua. We may not have been the first but we were usually the only ones there. In retrospect I must say that Deserts was golden surf euphoria and pretty much our main focus during that period. Check the photos and don’t drool on your computer screen.

Team Moana Manu
Raijua: Jim I