We Have Whiskey

By: Bill Heick on December 29th, 2015
Girls | Legends
Sunset Hues

Gili Trawangan Island is about a three hour boat ride [in our slow boat] from Deserts. We would often cruise up there during flat spells for a little R&R. The island boasted beautiful calm water, great diving, and a little night life for those so inclined. A lot of young tourists came over there from Bali to escape the insanity of Kuta Beach. Anchored offshore it was always a routine to check out the crew on the beach and sometimes invite people out to the boat for beers and BBQ. The People on the beach were often eager to come out to the boat and see what’s up.

On this particular trip, shortly after setting anchor, Jim and Bobby had the binos out and were scoping the beach intently. When they jumped into the Zodiac and sped off, we knew they were on to something. They returned a short while later with Lydie and Margeux, two beautiful young French women. We all spent the afternoon getting acquainted, swimming off the boat, and having a few beers at sunset. The girls got a ride back to the beach before dark and we sort of figured we’d seen the last of them. About an hour later, we were all kicked back after dinner and we heard a female voice shouting from the beach “we have whiskey”. Needless to say the Zodiac was in there in a flash, and soon the party restarted anew. Those French girls drank us all under the table. By the time they left to go back ashore we were pretty hammered. Somehow I made the very shrewd move of asking where they were staying on Bali. We bailed back to Deserts early the following morning, surfed for a few days then cruised back to Bali. As luck would have it, I managed to contact Lydie and made a dinner date for Nelson, myself, and the two girls. That night at Poppies Restaurant we were just finishing up our second round of cocktails, when Jim and Bobby, just by chance walked in. The looks on their faces was altogether classic. What? Huh? How??