No Friends on a Powder Day

By: Bill Heick on December 24th, 2015
Team Moana Manu

It was mid-season 1985. We’d been on a roll, scoring swell after swell with no one around and still a few years before any charter boats started showing up. Anchored in the calm waters of Bangko Bangko bay we pretty much knew when to pull anchor each day and cruise around to Deserts where we would anchor up for the afternoon surf session. On this particular day just as we were about to move, three bules (white people) appeared on the beach. JM and I decided to check them out, so we hopped into the Zodiac and raced into the beach.

It turned out to be two Aussie surfers with boards, backpacks, and a girlfriend in tow. They looked pretty haggard as they had just walked six or seven miles from the end of the road, through rugged terrain, in sweltering heat. The first words we heard were” water, have you got any water?” We had a couple liters in the Zod so we passed them over immediately. Wouldn’t want the poor lads to die of thirst out here. Once they had all guzzled their fill we started to chat a little. They had heard about Desert Pt. and were trying to get there. Looking out at Bangko Bangko point, which was dribbling through at knee to waist high, we realized that they thought that was Deserts. JM smiled mischievously at me.” Yeah mates, it’s been small like that for days and the malaria is really bad around here.” That was enough to send them back whence they came. Little did they know that the holy grail of tube riding was a short kilometer around that point and absolutely going off that afternoon.”Sorry mates, no friends on a powder day.”